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Enterprise Security
Survival Matrix

Your enterprise may 'feel' secure on a day-to-day basis, but is it ready to hold back complex cybersecurity threats now and in the future?

You need 100% confidence you’re protected. The crunch moment of a data breach or ransomware demand for too many enterprises is an unwelcome and costly surprise.

Take this test to identify your organization’s position and see if you can thrive in today’s digital world.

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Enterprise Security Survival Matrix

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The future of enterprise cybersecurity

Your ultimate guide

Our guide to the cost
of IT security

Ready to set a cybersecurity budget? The Kaspersky IT Security Calculator is the ultimate guide to costs in IT security for your industry.

Advanced threats

Top 9 advanced threats

Here are nine very real cyber threats that every C-Level executive should fully understand and know how to protect against.

Cyber awareness

Create a cyber-awareness culture

People can be the weakest link in an organization. But with cyber awareness training, they can become the best line of defense. Watch this short film to discover how to create a cyber-awareness culture that works.

Board level

The importance of board-level buy-in

As cyberattacks become more frequent and damaging, the need for effective cybersecurity governance becomes more business-critical.

Smart city

Explore security in the smart city

See how to defend against cyber threats facing your industry and find the best cybersecurity solution for your business.

You need 1 cybersecurity partner who sees the bigger picture

Kaspersky provides cybersecurity solutions from end-point protection to enterprise-class protection, including adaptive, comprehensive defenses against complex threats.

Our approach supports your current and future IT security needs with three unique stages of protection.

These cover everything from cybersecurity planning and budgeting to incident response and employee training.

Depending on where you are on your cybersecurity journey and how you fared in the Survival Matrix, explore Kaspersky’s IT solutions.

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